Automatic Fluid Dispenser

Automatic Fluid Dispenser

The dispensers which we are manufacturing mean that controllers and peripherals supply all kinds of liquid precisely.

These dispensers are used not only in electronics field but also in medical or food industries. We have a variety of fluid dispensers for any purpose.


#1: A pharmaceutical / food grade transparent silicon rubber tube is the only wet part of the system (coming in contact with the liquid to be dispensed) hence ideal for highly pure / reactive precious liquid & industrial chemicals. (Optionally other compatible Washable / disposable natural / synthetic rubber tube).

#2: Typical volume dispensed can be from 0.5 ml. to 5 liters /shot.

#3: Consistent volumes no more no less.

#4: The pressure tank can be of any capacity from 1 liter to 100 liters. It can even be configured such that the jar / bucket of the liquid can be directly placed in it eliminating transferring.

#5: Precise digital shot time setting in multiple of 0.01 sec to 9.99 sec.

#6: Interval timer for setting OFF time between 2 shots step lessly variably from 0.5 to 6 sec. (optionally as required).

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